You see, there, right in the middle of the future canal… .. A church! Notre Dame des Clottes, this 12th century church and its cemetery … built on land from the old feudal castle of Paraza.!

I see only one solution: move it! I’m going to rebuild it high up in the village, almost identical.

On October 19, 1676, I received the expropriation report and the work could begin.

Most of the stones from this church should have been used to rebuild the new church, as mentioned in the report, but most will be used to rebuild the castle of Paraza; very little will be kept for the new church, but the altar stone from the old one will be installed there!

Although the work was done in the 1670s, a period when the Gothic style was developed, we will keep the elements of Romanesque architecture, in particular the square bell tower that we often find in the Romanesque Languedoc and the pentagonal apses. In addition, like the churches of the Middle Ages, the new church will retain its orientation: facing east, where the sun rises and where light triumphs over darkness and by analogy, Christian texts consider that, on this side, Jesus will make his glorious return among men.


To unlock Challenge 3, you will need to

add the number of stained-glass windows + number of sides of the apse (rear of the church – part which houses the altar)

Okay, now we have to solve another problem !!! Obviously, this canal route in Paraza is full of pitfalls !!

To fully understand what it is, go to the orientation table …



Total number of stain-glass windows = 10

Number of sides of the apse = 5