Introduction to wine-tasting

Dégustation de vins à Paraza

How to choose a bottle in a shop ? Why are the wines from Languedoc different compared to the ones from Bordeaux ? How is a rosé wine made ?

This introduction to wine-tasting is the response to all the questions you have always been wondering without finding the answers. Dedicated to the beginners, the curious, the wine lovers, we will guide you on every step of the vinification, from the plot to the bottle. Through this experience, you will be familiar with the wine lexical, the different grapes, called varietals, the method and process to produce a wine, whatever the color, and, of course, how to taste a wine as a real professional. This activity is a real moment our team will spend with you to share their knowledge and teach you what they know about this astonishing beverage. Perfect as a gift ! [NB : We only organise 2 activities per month, according to the demands]

Price: 45 euros per capita Length of time: 2h30 / 3h Wines tasted: 10 Reservation : By phone at:  07 78 19 16 41 or by email: Want to make a giftBook a voucher