Welcome to Chateau de Paraza!

Here, you enter the former home of the Barons of Jougla of Paraza and the Counts of Forton, in the heart of the small village of Paraza. Elegantly restored French ceilings, herringbone parquet floors, shimmering silk curtains, a cloister with Caunes marble columns; everything contributes to the charm of this rather intimate and family-friendly address.

The Castle

A few celebrities haunt these stone walls built in the 17th century. Besides Baron of Jougla of Paraza and the count of Forton, Paul Riquet was also a frequent visitor. This is a castle full of history, which hides many treasures.

The Small Musique Room

Located in the west wing of the Castle, the music room has regained its former glory. French painted ceilings, fireplace, overmantle mirror, grand piano – let yourself be transported a few centuries back and dream of the castle’s former life.

The Pool

In the shelter of the cloister and its pink Caunes marble columns, one can take the time to relax by the pool, sipping a glass of white wine and enjoying the view.


The Terraces

To thank his hosts for six years of hospitality at the Castle, Paul Riquet built the seven terraces that cascade down to the Canal du Midi. Still a little wild, they offer a glimpse of the old French garden, with its marble fountains and boxwood.