N°1 2018


Cuuvée N°1 2018

Our best Syrah parcel, N°1, grows on an unspoilt plateau bordered by woods and olive groves. Cuvée N°1 is born from the richness of this terroir, sublimated by carbonic maceration vinification and 12 months’ ageing in a pair of new French oak barrels with distinct toasting. The meeting of the winemaker’s and cooper’s expertise produces an exceptional wine.



90% Syrah – 10% Grenache

Tasting notes

An elegant, deep ruby color sets the stage for an exceptional sensory experience. The expressive, complex nose reveals a richness of spice and menthol notes. On the palate, a full, fruity and balanced sensation is revealed, with good acidity and silky tannins. Luscious aromas of Morello cherry, strawberry and violet evoke a palette of delicate flavors. The finish is marked by incredible aromatic persistence, prolonging the pleasure of every sip.

 Service Temperature

  18° C

Wine and food pairings

Sublime with grenadin de veau aux morilles, capon stuffed with foie gras or tournedos rossini.

The Winemaker’s corner

Soil: Palustrine limestone soils from the Tertiary period. Angular stones and siliceous pebbles from the Montagne Noire.

The grapes from our old Syrah vines (65 years old) are hand-picked when overripe, and placed in whole bunches for maceration in a concrete tank. This wine is meticulously aged for 12 months in two new 225L French oak barrels selected for their distinctive toasting. The combination of fine grain and specific toasting with the power of these old Syrahs favors the extraction of elegant tannins and the preservation of fruit.

Keep: 2  years