PALMA exceptional wine White 2022


50% Roussanne – 50% White Grenache

Tasting note

With its light yellow robe with golden glimmers, PALMA seduces by its refined and delicate nose, with notes of citrus, bergamot, white fruits and subtle aromas of hazelnut. Then on the palate, the attack is full and well-balanced, with aromas of dry and toasted fruits. Finally, the finish is smooth with notes reminiscent of nectarine.

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Wine and Food Pairings

This beautiful wine may be matched with toasted foie gras, with a pineapple sauce. It will also accompany very well a fillet of sole with a shrimp sauce. Finally it will be delicious with a sheep’s blue cheese from the Pyrénées.

The Winemaker’s corner

Clay limestone terroir

Average age of the vines: 10 years

First of all, grapes of two varieties are harvested separately depending on their ripeness and tastes. We take advantage of morning freshness to preserve the juice from oxydation. Then, the vibrating hopper allows us to get free run juice and to chill it immediately. Following the harvest, grapes are directly put into the press to carry out the maceration under an inert gas, and press with the greatest care. Fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel vats preserves all the aromas. We conclude with the blending once the fermentation is complete. Only then part of the blend is aged in 600-liters barrels of French white oak stirring every 10-12 days to increase body and aromatic complexity.

Ageing in French oak barrels for 4 to 6 months for 60% of the cuvée.

For the ageing of PALMA, a delicate wine, we have chosen to use especially the barrel “Perle blanche”, produced by Nadalié. Indeed this barrel is elaborated from centenarian oaks from the forests located in the center of France. Their specific exposition to sun and wind is sublimated by a long and soft toast, which confers it its delicate and slightly fruity finish.

Keep: 2 years

PALMA blanc et rosé Vin du Chateau de Paraza great wines from Minervois Languedoc

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