Été indien

Été indien [ indian summer ] – our new orange wine 

Indian summer is a macerated white wine, also called orange wine. This natural vinification method dates back to antiquity and is coming back into fashion. Thanks to its aromatic richness, Gewurztraminer lends itself perfectly to this type of vinification, which gives it a beautiful structure, in addition to this magnificent orange colour.


100% Gewuztraminer, from our Paraza vines. Perfectly suited for orange wine.

Tasting notes

Beautiful orange color

Slightly tart nose with notes of white flowers, pear and honey.

On the palate, the texture is enveloping, the wine is dense and balanced with a slightly tannic structure which gives it tension and a nice final length.

A fruity and dry wine, which paves the way for original food and wine pairings (Asian cuisine, cheese)

Service temperature

10-12º for aperitif| 12-14º to pair with a meal

Wine & food pairings

The smooth side of the Indian summer makes it an easy wine to drink and pair. It will easily accompany fresh and spicy Asian cuisine, and will allow interesting pairings with many cheeses. It will also go wonderfully with fish and chips and a nice tartar sauce.

As it is a new wine, we need more time to pair it with various meals along the seasons. Hence, we would love to hear about your feedback and suggestion @chateaudeparaza 


The winemaker’s corner

Soil: Clay-limestone, on the plot called ‘Le bois’ [the wood].

The 2021 vintage was harvested on August 20th, at maturity. The grapes are first destemmed then crushed and placed in a vat with their skins and seeds. The pellicular maceration lasts for 10 days, at a temperature of 20°. A gentle extraction then takes place before the press. We continue with the malolactic fermentation (which normally do not have on our other white wines) and let the wine rest for several weeks. Filtration before bottling.


Ageing: 3 to 5 years: interestingly, the orange wine ages in a very pleasant way; its texture becomes even more enveloping and its aromas complex over time.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg