Les Nuits de Paraza

Les Nuits de Paraza


Les Nuits de Paraza is the new cuvée of the Château de Paraza. A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc characterized by its freshness, its silky tannins and a smooth and velvety texture. It’s a without any additional sulfite wine !


70% Merlot – 30% Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes

Ruby robe with purplish shades.

The nose is straight and expressive with rich notes of black fruits. On your palate, the fresh and smooth side of the wine, expresses the natural aromas of these two varietals. The silky tannins go along with the fruity notes.

Service temperature

16 – 18°

Wine and Food Pairings

The smooth and velvety texture of Les Nuits de Paraza makes it an easy wine to drink, pair and enjoy. You can appreciate it with a barbecue, pizze or cheese. It also fits perfectly with broad beans cooked with lard or a lamb kefta (meatball) with mint and yogourt sauce.


The winemaker’s corner:

Soil: Fluvial deposits dating back to the Pliocene. Angular stones and siliceous pebbles from the Montagne Noire.

Vines are taken care of plot by plot, grape by grape, in order to balance the vines of Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Grapes of the two varieties are harvested separately depending on their ripeness and tastes, then destemmed and remained to ferment. A gentle and quality extraction is then done with as little intervention as possible. Furthermore, an everyday tasting allows to define the end of the post maceration. The wine is then filtered by tangential filtration, with a very tiny filter and sterile filtration. The aim of such a process is to get rid of all the microorganisms such as yeasts and thus, protect the wine. This cuvée is made without any additional sulfite during the vinification or the bottling process to offer you a fresh and delicate wine.

Without added sulfite !

The blend of this cuvée takes place in December, when the vinifications of all the varieties are done.

Aging potential: 1 year

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg