Driven by the family spirit, the Château de Paraza relives: from the parents to their three children, everyone is involved in hands-on work with the vineyard. Since their first harvest in 2005, the estate has evolved greatly: sustainable agriculture, new grape varieties, new tanks, new press, soon an aging cellar… the goal is set: to express the best from the Languedocian terroir.


Minervois is one of the oldest Mediterranean vineyards. Its soil was indeed chosen by Romans so as to establish the first vines in Languedoc Roussillon. The castle’s vineyard is located in the Minervois part called “Les Serres”. This soil is characterized by a clay-limestone soil dating from the tertiary period. The average age of the vineyard is thirty years old while the oldest vines, those giving birth to our great wines, are 50 years old.


As wine-growers, we are very concerned by the respect for our environment, for our own health and also to maintain the richness of our soil which the quality of our wines depends on. We practice a reasoned agriculture, respectful of nature.

At Chateau de Paraza, the winemakers belong to the renown Independent Winegrowers of France, which represent authentic wines and personalities.

“Responsible, committed and professional, Independent winegrowers respect their terroir and stay at every elaboration step of their wines: they grow their vines, harvest their grapes, make and mature their wines, and work from the bottling to the commercialisation.”